Inspiring ideas

“Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life.” Amy Poehler


ü  Bowl as many overs as possible in 65 minutes – get sponsored

ü  Auction off a perk at your workplace for 65 days/hours/minutes

ü  Climb 65 stairs, 65 times – get sponsored

ü  Organise a trivia night with 65 questions – charge $6.50 entry

ü  Host friends for a gourmet dinner and ask them to pay $65 each

ü  Organise a casual day at work – charge $6.50

ü  Ask your employer to donate $65 for every staff that donates

ü  Host friends for a themed movie night at yours and charge $6.50

ü  Organise a mini marathon: swim 65 laps, run 6.5 kms, ride 65 kms – get sponsored

ü  Organise a mega golf tournament of 65 holes – charge a fee to enter

ü  Play a 65 minute football match – charge for $6.50 a sausage sizzle afterwards

ü  Read 65 books – get sponsored

ü  Sell 65 items on Gumtree and donate the proceeds

ü  Yodel for 65 minutes…?!

ü  Organise an amateur dog show, “Most likely to eat homework”, “Most disobedient” – charge $6.50 for admission and participation

ü  Choose a fundraising idea and set a target to raise $650, $6,500, $65,000…..


Remember, the sky is the limit so feel free to get creative and challenge yourself.


If you want to chat about your idea or have any questions, contact Cystic Fibrosis WA by emailing or calling 08 9346 7339.

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